The foundation doesn't allocate grants and can not be applied for funds.

According to the trust deed the foundation has the option of using commercial and non-commercial methods that directly or indirectly serves the purpose like creating companies and buying properties. The foundation also have the option of making investments or other kinds of dispositions as long as the meet the standards and approval of the authorities in charge of Danish foundations.

Overall the foundation stands on two pillars: Concrete protection projects – and communication with the purpose of expanding the public's knowledge and awareness of the need to protect the World's wild nature and wild animals.

This means that the foundation creates new and/or supports existing projects in the area of protection of wild nature and wild animals. These projects can be very different and cover a wide range of aims from conservation to restoration, research and policy making – and not least documentation, communication and teaching about the subject.

The projects focusing on actual protection will all be located outside the Danish borders.

Examples of possible protection projects could be:

  • Buying land to protect and/or restore a fragile or endangered area with a continued development in cooperation with local residents
  • Reintroduction of endangered species
  • Consulting and professional sparring on conservation of endangered areas by creating national parks or local policy making followed up with local communication and education projects
  • Assisting with education of local residents in wildlife management and anti-wildlife trafficking and cooperation between private and public entities in this field
  • Supporting or initiating research projects in this field

Communication projects can on the other hand take place in Denmark.

Examples of possible communication projects could be:

  • Lectures/talks about important subjects in this field by Danish or international speakers
  • Photo expeditions
  • Photo exhibitions
  • Books
  • Information campaigns
  • Awards

We are currently active in these projects


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