WILD Nature Foundation

A little piece of land can save great nature

*Photo John Cahill

What you love – you will protect

We are all born with a curiosity filled love of nature. That's why love is the core of WILD Nature Foundation and the starting point of all we do. Together we can help and protect the World's wild nature and wild animals.

WILD Nature Foundation

Give nature a piece of land back

WILD Campo Alegre is our nature reserve in the Andes Mountains in Colombia. Here you find one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity in the World and many endangered species like the fuertes parrot.

For 250 DKK (app. €34) you can buy a WILD-share and support our work with buying more nature, replanting the cloud forest, securing the animals larger and protected living areas, and research in the local nature.

Buy a WILD-share

    Send an amount of your choice to: 283265 (Denmark only)

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    Transfer an amount of your choice to:

    IBAN: DK4784010001606302

    Swift/BIC: MEKUDK21

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Special Edition with 7 beautiful motifs

  • Make a differentce

    No one can save the World alone.

    Together we can make a difference.

  • Biodiversity

    Everything in nature is interconnected, so you have to look at the whole.

  • Love conquers all

    Also the one for nature.

  • We have a global responsibility

    We only have ONE planet, and we're sharing it